Jeff Bella

Retire in Belize

If you are considering retirement, you might be looking forward to decades of leisure time, where you can catch up with your family, indulge in hobbies that were too time consuming to pick up while also trying to achieve success in your career. Retirement is an exciting time in any person’s life, and it opens you up to new possibilities, including the possibility of moving outside of the country.

Many people dream of living in a tropical or subtropical climate, with warm weather, long strands of beautiful beach, and rich, dense foliage. Most people believe this to be out of their reach, but we know that if you pick the right place to retire, finding your tropical paradise is easy. That is why I help retirees find properties in the beautiful Central American country of Belize.

Belize doesn’t just have the warm climate that you’re looking for. This country is ideal for retirees from Northern America and Western Europe for a range of reasons.

English is the official language

While some might see learning a new language as part of the fun of moving abroad, if you want to quickly and easily integrate into your new country, Belize is the perfect choice. Still part of the British Commonwealth, Belize’s official language is in English, which means all legal documents, newspapers, television stations, radio, street signs, etc. will be in English. Additionally, most Belizeans speak English, as well as at least one other language.

It might be less expensive to live in Mexico (which borders Belize to the north), but if you do not already speak Spanish, it might be difficult to find a suitable property and to feel at home in the country. Plus, you probably will not find the same quality of life in other countries.

Your retirement fund buys you more

Belize is not the cheapest country in the world, but it is less expensive to live in Belize than in any North American or Western European country. Retirees who choose Belize report that they can live more comfortably than they live back home, with the same amount of funds coming in each month. In addition, healthcare, television, internet, insurance, food, taxes, and alcohol are all less expensive in Belize than they are in the US.

Gasoline is more expensive, as is electricity, but if your mortgage or rent is half of what you were paying before you retired to Belize, paying a little more for other amenities is not really a strain on your budget.

You already know the legal system and government structure

As a member of the British Commonwealth and with a legal system and government structured exactly like other countries that were once English territories (like North America), you already know what to expect when it comes to laws and regulations. Part of the fear of moving to a new country is not understanding the customs, the laws, or the regulations—this isn’t so in Belize.

This also makes buying a property (whether a patch of land to build a house or a house that has already been built), simple and familiar. When you work with me, you will recognize the process, because it will likely look exactly like buying a house in your home country. And while Belize does have its own currency, it is directly pegged to the US dollar and many things are priced in US dollars. Because the currency is pegged, instead of floating, any investments will not fluctuate in value as an exchange rates fluctuate.

When you start looking into purchasing a property through our service, you’ll recognize the property rights, as they are the same ones that any country whose government is built on English Common Law uses (instead of the Napoleonic code that some countries use, but which most few foreigners fully understand). In short, foreigners can buy all the property they want—but it can also be seized by the government if you abandon it. Even though you are a foreigner, you have all the same property rights as a natural born Belize citizen.

You can have your own beachside resort

Belize has miles of beautiful, untouched Caribbean coastline that makes it the ideal place to look for beachfront property, at about half of what beachfront property costs in the US. Many retirees report paying no more than $200,000 for a beachfront lot and custom construction, which is what you’d pay for a small home in Utah or Nebraska—not anywhere near the beach.

Retiring to Belize might not be right for every person, but we can help anyone looking for a tropical retirement home in a country where they can afford a higher standard of living, on a retiree’s budget, find an incredible property that fits their needs exactly. Contact me today!