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Whether you are looking for a vacation home or just want to build your investment portfolio with a rental property, Belize is a great option for anyone looking for a real estate investment opportunity. When most people hear “Belize,” they think of the instability that has plagued some Central American countries. And while there have been civil wars and instability in the past, this is no longer the political or social climate in Belize. With miles of beautiful Caribbean coastline, there is no better country for real estate investment. But beauty is not the only benefit of investing in Belize; there are many, many more benefits.


With more than 80 million Americans retiring over the next 19 years, our property consultants work with an increasing number of buyers who want to retire in a tropical paradise. They’re purchasing land now, looking forward to years of rejuvenating climates ahead.


An extraordinary investment potential exists in Belize. Those with liquidity are seizing upon incentives they can receive with large cash payments, and those who want to realize high returns on equity are using the power of leverage. With relatively low down payments and fixed monthly payments, they enjoy the upside that comes with controlling appreciating assets.


Find a family vacation property that provides access to extraordinary boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and nature loving.


There is a growing number of clients who recognize the value of diversifying their assets with foreign investment. Expressing concern about the growing debt crisis in America, the unemployment rate, and the gridlock of government. More and more are investing in Belize because they want to protect themselves and their assets in the event that our nation faces any type of economic meltdown.


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